I haven't had adequate time to write an article for today, so I thought I'd share a hilarious link  about the publishing process:

The Publishing Process

I didn't have to go through all of these steps, but you can figure out what stage I'm at now. Thanks to my friend Trillia Newbell for linking to this on Facebook. I seriously did laugh out loud.


Also, on a more serious note, my brother-in-law, Justin, just started a website with a focus on worship. He writes from a more Anglican-oriented perspective, and has included one of my articles on the church. The site is called Doxology, pay it a visit!


Ha! What a great picture.

Ha! What a great picture. If she was wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, and was face down on a desk, she might resemble me!

Yes that should be the first

Yes that should be the first picture. And I have the perfect picture!
Hopefully the link works, I had this gem on my Pinterest.

That publishing process ought

That publishing process ought to have the part where one's ideas require a lot of research and reading a mountain of books in order to synthesize the idea!

Teehee. So the Doxology link

So the Doxology link is working for me, maybe there was a complication with the host when you tried it.

Couldn't get the doxology

Couldn't get the doxology link to work, sadly ...

Loved the publishing process, Aimee. I've gone through a few of those myself. Glad you're almost at the end!

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