Fashionable Preaching

Spinner Interview Fleetwood MacI know that I have a good number of wonderful pastors that actually stop by to read from a housewife theologian. The latest Mortification of Spin Podcast will be edifying to you, as well as to those of you who occupy the pews. Carl, Todd, and I actually took a little field trip before recording. You can see us in this shot taken, listening to a fashionable sermon together. We dressed for the occasion. Carl actually found himself some skinny jeans. Todd wore some special jewelry for this juncture. Take a listen here to our discussion on both the theological and practical side of preaching.

What's the purpose of a sermon? Is it to inspire the congregation or just a means of transmitting knowledge? Or is the sermon something greater? Dead bones came to life when Ezekiel preached. Are the sermons you listen to that powerful? Listen to Aimee, Carl and Todd discus once again discuss the sermon.


Ha! That's the beauty of MoS,

Ha! That's the beauty of MoS, taking the content seriously, but not ourselves. Glad you are enjoying it, Kevin.

I remember that podcast. It

I remember that podcast. It made me realize Carl was quite up to speed on Mr. Meatloaf or he could have replied, 'I would do anything for Owen, but I won't do that.' His favorite anthem/theme song would have to be 'Like a Reformer Out of of Geneva'. And, who could forget that classic teen angst anthem, 'Paradise By John Bunyan's Book' Ah well, back to my cave until next time…although I'll work on Todd's bit for next week!

I think "Fashionable

I think "Fashionable Preaching" was a play off of Todd's comment about the preacher fashion website. And the Elton John reference was to get Carl back for calling him the Reformed Meatloaf in another podcast.

I listened to the podcast in

I listened to the podcast in my car. I thought Aimee should have been introduced along with the gents. I like what you said, Aimee, about needing the law in a sermon and then needing grace at the end.

Whose idea was it to call it "fashionable" preaching? And Eldon John?!


Thanks, Kevin. I'm hoping to

Thanks, Kevin. I'm hoping to bring back big hair, although I have it tamed in this pic. The real question is, where can we get a cool vest like Todd's?

Aimee, I love what you've

Aimee, I love what you've done with you hair…and I guess the same should be said to Carl & Todd both! I'm still using my brain-scrubbing device to get the picture of Carl in skinny jeans out of my mind, but sadly, what's been seen can't be unseen. By the way, where did they find a pair that would fit him? I didn't know Brits could wear those things.

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