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So, I finally did the whole Twitter-thing. I've had a love/hate relationship with computer networking. Real faces are so much better, but it is a blessing to have a cyber-community of people who share the same favorite topic of conversation!

You'll never believe how many Aimee Byrd's are on Twitter--spelled the same as me! I've never felt so indistinctive. I settled with the username @aimeebyrdhwt. So, if you're on there, please join my three other followers!


Mere housewife? Mere

Mere housewife? Mere housewife?! Housewifing is a high calling!

Kim, I have struggled with

Kim, I have struggled with the same issues as you and have written a few articles about it (under the cyber-talk category). One thing that irks me is the whole "how many people 'like' you", or how many friends you have business. If you notice, I don't have a Housewife Theologian Facebook page because of my distaste for that. I've been happy with my readers, and didn't feel the need. I also don't just accept friends on the basis of building a popularity status of numbers. And I really don't want to go "hunting" for followers (another awful word) either.
My passion to have women learning theology in a workshop/small group setting has not only led me to write my book, but to also desire that it will be read and discussed by many women. For that, I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and network. As a mere housewife, I definitely should not feel like I am above putting myself out there and participating. I am already humbled that God has brought such great readers to my blog, which has led me to reading more of your writings as well. It's all pretty amazing when you think about it.

The reality is if one has a

The reality is if one has a book coming out -- like you! -- one must "network." That kind of thing actually frustrates me, that one must "network" in order to function these days. But we do what we must. I am more careful about who I follow now, because sometimes, it's just a lot of acrimony and nastiness.

Carol, it's called Amazon

Carol, it's called Amazon Associates, and you have all kinds of options. You get a very small percentage per book sold through someone clicking through your website. After a while, it all adds up though. There's better ways to display and advertise if you want to bring in some more money from your blog. I really do want my readers to be in interested in the books I review and read them for themselves, so this makes it easier for them. Whenever I get an Amazon gift card from sales revenue (which are modest), I turn around and buy more books. Win, win!

And yes, I'l give a Twitter update :)

On another matter, Aimee, I

On another matter, Aimee, I review books on my blog and maybe I should get an Amazon Widget for it like you have. Do you get to choose your books and if so can you earn any significant money from having this Widget on your blog?

Aimee might be able to answer

Aimee might be able to answer both of us about its value to her, in say, one month, Aimee?

I know what you mean, Carol.

I know what you mean, Carol. Figuring out what I'd do with twitter is beyond me right now, and I think it's largely because I don't have an account and am really in the dark about it's potential.


Aimee, I haven't yet even

Aimee, I haven't yet even tried googtwitbooker+ or any of those. I've heard it can be good for enhancing blogging, but I guess I'm just still trying to get comfortable with my blog. Maybe I'll catch up with you on the other social media some day.


P.S. I hope yesterday's post at the train wreck sent people your way!

Carol, those were exactly the

Carol, those were exactly the same concerns I had, and why I waited so long! I didn't even join Facebook until I started my blog. I like the chance to hash out my thoughts on a blog as well, but I'm learning that I can share them with more people through these networking sites. Also, I can share other writer's works, which is really nice.
One reason I started blogging was out of frustration over "small talk." And that was in my face-to-face relationships! Here I feel free to go deeper in ways that I can't in short conversations I get to have throughout my day of running around. While I am on board with you on the dangers, I am happy to share the wonderful blog articles that I read throughout the week with others who share like interests. It's kind of like an interactive bulletin board--in 160 characters or less, I can share great articles with other people, and find some myself.
As far as responding to comments, I really enjoy that. But, I also try not to hog up the whole conversation. Some comments aren't really looking for a response, so I let them just speak for themselves. What I really love is when commenters respond to one another.

Oh no, Aimee! Not going to

Oh no, Aimee! Not going to tweet to follow your Twitter account. Was even going to stop texting which I have done from time to time, and then I broke my five year old cell phone and gave in and got an iPhone for $99 because I was due an upgrade from Sprint. An iPhone is enough for me with texting back and Pinterest, e-mail, etc. At least I have two e-mail accounts and so do not get all my e-mail on my iPhone.

In our society we are often reduced to few words for communication. I like blogging better because you can say more. Love you blog, although I do not always write on it. I love communication face to face the best. I love how you respond back on this blog when we post. That dialogue is almost as good as face to face.

People tweet to Facebook and their blogs and I also think it is easier to sin by putting out few words out there and then not caring to read what others say after they have tweeted. Can you revise what you tweet? When I respond to a tweet on Facebook with a comment, the tweeter seems never to respond back because it seems a celebrity thing to me.

The best I think about Twitter for the Christian, is a tweet prayer request. When someone twitters a prayer request to Facebook, I do pray.

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