Counterfeit Authenticity

Everyone's favorite Welsh theologian returns, and Pelagius has nothing on Derek Thomas! Drop in to hear the Spinners talk with Derek about a whole slew of topics. Principally, they ask him about sin in the lives of pastors. Is it truly "authentic" to be vaguely vulnerable from the pulpit? How do pastor's keep themselves accountable? Hear some of Derek's wisdom on these concerns, and experience the musical delights of karaoke, Welsh style.



This week's free MP3 download is a sermon by Derek Thomas entitled, "The Word of God and Sanctification," from the 2013 Princeton Conference on Reformed Theology.

Mortification of Spin is a weekly casual conversation about things that count. Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt and Aimee Byrd serve up a humorous, informal podcast with bite. Join this engaging and thought-provoking conversation on the challenges the Church faces and what counts in the Christian life. Served up with a healthy dose of germane cultural references. Hear for yourself if British accents carry more weight...

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