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When, why, and how should you leave a church? Is it possible to do it graciously and gratefully, or are you just another church-shopping opportunist looking for what's on fleek? Interestingly, leaving a church is somewhat a modern dilemma. It's exponentially more possible with the increase of technology. However, one universal truth stands the test of time: there is no perfect church anywhere. Listen in to what Carl, Aimee & Todd think constitutes the good, the bad and the ugly reasons to leave a church.

Suicide is a troubling topic to examine - delicate and disturbing, one must speak carefully about it, especially with those left in its confusing wake. Common questions asked are: Is suicide an unforgivable sin? Could a true Believer take their own life? As a pastor, should I address suicide at the funeral? Carl, Aimee, Todd (…and Thomas Aquinas!), avoid pat answers and offer helpful ways of thinking founded in Biblical truth.

We're getting group therapy today so we called on the best of the best: David Powlison, Director of Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation, Senior Editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and beloved counseling professor at Westminster Theological Seminary. We are delighted Todd is finally getting the help he needs, but we do have some other ground to cover. What is Biblical Counseling exactly and how important is it to the health of our Church? Is scripture sufficient for counseling? At the close of today's session, everyone's happy and David's take on Todd is as we feared: he's beyond help.

While Carl's out getting hair plugs, Aimee and Todd steal the show to talk about the Christian term: Quiet Time. What is it exactly - let's talk about the why and how! As thinking people, we should critically consider the theology behind even our daily devotions, as our habits may be founded on false or even contrary doctrine. There's nothing quiet about today's discussion, though more pleasant without our loudest host. Goes without saying: two's company ...

It's round two of the preaching conference and the conversation's heating up. As questions crop up from the crowd we have the usual off-the-wall inquiries but most are measured and helpful. It's yet another conversation where we contemplate the call of the minister, the effects of ministry on everyone's life, and the importance of seeking those more seasoned in the pulpit. No matter if you're a minister or lay person, this discussion is an encouragement to all!

There's a blossoming author in our midst today and she's taking the Spin by storm! While riding the coattails of our most senior host's paper repoitroure, she inspires our "other" host to dream big. (He's making great progress with his coloring books, by the way). Yes, Aimee Byrd is the women of the hour and she's hit her stride, forging a path for both church officers and women to work together in taking theology more seriously. Her latest: No Little Women: Equipping All Women in the Household of God is a stand out for the cause. Somehow, Carl & Todd remain stumped: does learning from a woman threaten their manhood? Aimee spares no expense in confirming that threat with her new book ...

Once again, we haunt the halls of Van Til as it's time for the annual Preaching Conference at Westminster Theological Seminary. Much to our delight (and surprise!), they've invited us back. However, we know better than to think we're the hot commodity when sharing the stage with the likes of Rev. David Helm. Rev. Helm is founding pastor of Hyde Park congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago, and Chairman of the Charles Simeon Trust. Also an avid author, he's written many resources aiding the spiritual growth and development of Christians young and old. This year's conference is about sermon preparation and Rev. Helm is well worth the listen and a great improvement from the balding alternatives.

You should confess all your lustful thoughts to your spouse...

Is this a good idea? Unfortunately, this advice is being encouraged (and even taken!) within the evangelical world and Carl, Aimee & Todd discuss their concerns, teasing out the collateral damage such confessionals could cause. The whole crew agrees: There's good reason why we can’t read each other’s minds! Should we leave every idle thought only to God? Whether you're navigating the seas of singleness, dabbling in dating, entering engagement or managing marital bliss this is an important conversation to consider.

We have Dr. Timothy Witmer with us today, and what a story he has to tell! Dr. Witmer is an author and Westminster Theological Seminary professor of Practical Theology. He's also a "Moses" figure for leading St. Stephen Reformed Church, a once United Church of Christ church, to the PCA (or "Promised Land", though Carl & Aimee may beg to differ with Todd on that!). Being a preacher and a teacher of preachers for many years, Dr. Witmer lends a seasoned perspective from the podium to the pulpit and shares the tale leading a congregation to Reformed theology. What a good reminder to us all how God chooses to use his people as a means to fulfill his kingdom purpose.

"Who did you vote for?" It's a loaded question, but for Carl he simply pulls the green card. So is there such a thing as piety in the poll booth? How should Christians vote? In our recent presidential election, Carl, Aimee & Todd sniff out some sloppy theology that surfaced during and after the vote, and they share pros and cons to Trump's future leadership. Thankfully for the Christian, our hope and firm foundation is not found in a mortal man or woman or a political party ... no matter who goes "home" to the White House, we know who reigns on high.