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Preachers preach theology, but what about our theology on preaching? Should sitting under the preached word take priority over other forms of scriptural intake? What about one-on-one discipleship, small-group Bible studies, biblical counseling, and Christian fellowship - do they take the backseat to sunday morning service? For some of us, a sermon is simply informative, but to others it’s one of God’s means to confront and encourage us in our Christian lives. That said, what’s your theology on preaching, truly and functionally?

The recent Trinity Debate has raised an eyebrow (or two) in both the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. If you're not in the know by now, we'll give you the twenty-minute brief today. There's more at stake than the ontology and economy of the Trinity.  This also impacts how we view women as well. The Word's alleged submission to the Father in eternity has been used in this debate to provide justification for the authoritarian headship of men over women ... hmm, something's not right here. There are patriarchal undertones to this debate and Carl, Aimee, & Todd have sniffed them out and express serious concern for how this theology can cause great harm within the Church and within marriages.

Today we have Rod Dreher on the show. Rod is a Gumbo-eatin’, Louisiana City-Slickin’ Eastern Orthodox and author. He’s here to explain the Benedict Option, and … we’re still not sure we get it! He talks about moral and civil life, and how Christians ought to live in this crooked world. Rod says preaching of the word and the Benedict Option are the only way forward in sharing our faith with the world around us. Very interesting … please pass the hollandaise!

In Desperate Theology this week is… it's always 2008 somewhere. Fast forward 8 years and we find our public schools are an ever-increasing world of confusion especially in regards to gender. Is the (latest) Sexual Revolution as bad as it looks? The transgender issue is a fundamental redefinition of personhood with huge implications on the malleable minds of our youth. We fight for hormone-free chickens yet parents are berated (or worse!) for refusing hormone therapy for their "transgender" child. What on earth is happening here? We need to know what we believe and thus equip our children with sound theology to stand firm on Christ the solid rock.

Most assume sex trafficking starts with a brutal kidnapping - like in a movie. However, it’s often a long process: seduction, coercion, seasoning, and recruiting. VAST (Valley Against Sex Trafficking) works diligently to bring awareness about trafficking while restoring God-given dignity to survivors of this dark market. Heather Evans, co-founder of VAST, is here to share sobering stats, and lessens the appeal and glamour often associated with this social justice movement. Are you part of a middle-class church? Then you worship in one of the most common sources fueling the sex industry due to the common use of pornography - so much to your surprise, this hits quite close to home.

Desperate theology has gone viral in the Church of...! Not to worry, we have more class than to spoil the win but let’s just say Liam Goligher will wish he's Welsh after crowning today's Desperate Theologizer. In other news, the Gang discuss some recent pulpits going political. Is Sunday morning an appropriate place to discern whether Hillary or Trump is the godlier vote? Is it wise for pastors to campaign from the pulpit? Today’s conversation is a charge to all ministers: beware the divisive nature of misusing the pulpit!

Our favorite Catholic is with us again: Dr. Frank “Clinton” Beckwith! Once the laughter subsides, we get to some pressing questions about religion in the public sphere: Can you really leave your religion at the door? What is pure religious liberty? What liberties can we live with, which ones can we live without?

On this week’s Desperate Theology, we crown another lucky lady! In other news, Carl & Todd have a question about preference in preaching: what’s the best rule-of thumb … is it best to preach thematically or systematically? Do you go big-picture, dabble in topics, or lead your congregation through a one-book series? What issues does each approach pose? It’s certainly not rocket science but well worth a conversation … (or are the boys making it more complicated than it needs to be?).

So if all dogs go to heaven? … where do cats go? Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Chair of of New Testament professor at Northern Seminary and author of Heaven's Promise (today’s giveaway!), joins a discussion on Heaven with Carl, Aimee, and …Tom? Often we get dreamy ideas of heaven’s glories or carried away with people's wild "accounts", but there’s a danger: we can undermine the sufficiency of scripture.

On this week’s edition of Desperate Theology, find out what Presbyterians and Prince have in common. And per popular demand, our three hosts give more clarification on their complementarian views with a specific focus on teaching Sunday School. Things get a bit hostile/it’s basically a bloodbath … (all bet’s on Aimee because she works out!).