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Welcome back to Westminster Theological Seminary, nestled in the quaint city of Glenside, Pennsylvania where the Preaching Conference is still underway. For this portion, students have submitted thought-provoking questions to our LIVE panel which includes Joel Beeke and Kent Hughes - two men with enough wit and wisdom to put our hosts out of a job!

"Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet," (1 Tim. 2:11-12). Aimee would say: What does that even mean?! To which Todd would say: Well, here’s the deal… It's a conversation that raises a brow or two (and often the room temperature!). A women is a helper, a "Necessary Ally", but what is her role in the church especially if she’s gifted in teaching? As the token female, Aimee brings both beauty and brains to an otherwise bald and the bitter situation.

Dr. Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Seminary, joins the Mortification of Spin (again!) on a LIVE panel at the annual Preaching Conference at Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Kent Hughes stands in as a “guest host” giving his own Spin on ministry. It's a full auditorium and things are about to get personal. They share everything from how they received the Lord’s call to what they'd do if a congregant claims "I'm not being fed".

Is anything biblically wrong with enjoying secular music … for the glory of God? Perhaps you're a (closet) secular music junkie drumming to The Who, but it’s all King’s College and Sandra McCracken on Sunday mornings. Certainly we know there’s a line, but it can be hard discerning when we’ve crossed it and started abusing our Christian liberty. Besides, some emotionally charged Christian music is as damaging as Boy George.

The toxic effects of Porn addiction go far beyond that of just the addict. What about the wives of addicts? How do they suffer? And what are the Church’s worst mistakes in dealing with the spouse of an unfaithful husband? Today we have Ellen Dykas of Harvest USA to speak to such questions. Ellen is the Women's Ministry Coordinator at Harvest USA which was started and thrives in the heart of Philadelphia, caring for and serving those struggling with sexual issues. Ellen also speaks to parenting children - how do you talk to your explicit material. Today's conversation is a pressing one for the Church to have and one to be continued.

Henry Ford says: "History is bunk." But does the past give identity to the present? How does understanding history liberate us in the present, and even the future? And as a Christian, is it important to know church history? Today's conversation is right down the alley of our in-house Church Historian, Carl R. Trueman, and he's got the gift of the gab on this one!

Church government... Could you pass a quiz on what each office does? Do you think your Pastor is the Ecclesistical CEO? Today the roles and tasks are defined with particular focus on the Elder - both teaching and ruling and what happens when there's conflict between the two. This conversation strikes a chord if you serve on a session, and grants all a bit of clarity about those ruling and teaching over us.

Times are getting tough for Churches and it's not just spiritual strains they are feeling. Should pastors-to-be change their expectations from full-time to part-time pastoral ministry? Bi-vocational ministry may be the latest fashion raising more eyebrows than ever before ... and should be discussed more often in seminary classrooms. Join us in today's casual conversation about the future of the pastorate and the need vocational expectations to change.

Eschatology … it’s about the already and not yet, a key concept in making sense of our lives, and even more specifically, our marriages. To help us understand this, we have with us today Dr. Gregory Beale, Westminster professor of New Testamemt studies. We ask him some pretty tough questions: How would eschatology explain divorce? How do you prepare young men for the pastorate? And Todd’s itching to know, do all dogs go to heaven?

The Gang are out for a quick bite to eat at K.C.’s Alley. Todd’s struggling, he’s so eager for that first bite of veggie burger. But who will pray, and for how long, and do they even need to pray?! We’ve all found it distracting to bless our food at a restaurant or hesitated to bow our heads before non-Christians, or even with a Non-Christian, yet we are all called to pray, and sometimes it isn’t behind a shut door or in the quietness of our hearts. Today’s a discussion highlights the importance and purpose of public prayers … something we all ought to consider. Enjoy your burger, Todd.