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“Let no one despise you for your youth.” Those were Paul’s words to Timothy. But is that even an issue in today’s culture obsessed with catering to and seeking youthfulness? Youth is highly prized, while seasoned, wise leaders are tossed to the curb. So many churches have turned to attractive, cool, yet inept leaders who have more swagger than biblical knowledge. So how is this damaging the Church and what does it mean to have biblical church leadership that’s more useful than it is hip? Thankfully some churches still hire unpopular nerds like Todd & Carl who possess more Biblical know-how than chic, and we've got Aimee to validate that.   

Two shady sheep wandered into Todd's megachurch today. Skirting by security, Carl and Aimee are incognito to rate Todd's preaching and their notes are ... lacking in content. Aimee's doing her usual multitasking - doodling nun chucks and jotting her grocery list while Carl's a man of one talent today: sleep.  Probably not the shining examples you'd expect but raises an important question: How are we on listening to the preached word? Take it from these two, it's not always easy, especially with Pruitt in the pulpit. Is sitting under God's preached word something we take seriously, strategically, thoughtfully? Are we diligent or complacent, prepared or passive? And is there a difference between listening and hearing? Carl, Aimee & Todd take these questions to task while offering some basic tips and aids for congregants and their covenant children. Listen up, this is something we all need to hear.  

Where do our rights come from: God or Government? As Christians, how are we using (or should we say misusing) our American liberties? What does God have to say about abortion and sexual identity? These are pressing questions during an era submerged in promoting pro-choice and normalizing immoral sexual agendas. As Christians, we must know our stance. Frank Beckwith, professor of ethics, philosophy, and religion at Baylor University, and author of Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice, joins today's conversation. Hear Frank's fascinating defense against a society that twists virtue and hails immorality.

Time for another book review, and we're giving this one three thumbs up! Our hosts discuss the recent republication of The Church of Christ, a classic of Scottish Presbyterian polity and theory by James Bannerman. This book highlights the Church's role, power, and importance during a time the world (and even Christians!) struggles to see its purpose. Does the church stand a chance in societies that continually belittle its values and undermine its presence? Not surprisingly, the world is growing more uncomfortable for Christians, so we must purpose to understand what God intended for His Bride and keep heart. Bannerman helps us do just that.

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are not easy topics to discuss, but they are ones every church leader must know how to address. Justin & Lindsey Holcomb, authors of Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault, and Is It My Fault?: Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Violence, join the show today. What must a church do to promote a culture where victims feel safe to open up? What should pastors and church leadership do when a congregant reports a case of domestic violence or abuse? What the Holcombs say is as helpful as it is sobering - it's a conversation every pastor should heed.

Most of us know how we'd answer when asked to officiate, attend, or participate in a homosexual wedding, but what about baking the cake? Recently the media is all over Christian bakers who refuse to bake cakes for such unions. It's hitting close to home and those in the pew are feeling the pinch. So is it a church discispline issue if a Christian offers his or her creative talents and business services to a homosexual wedding, or is it merely a matter of conscious? Piece of cake, right? Carl, Aimee, and Todd have to admit, this ain't no cake walk! Listen as they reason and navigate this sticky situation and offer a pastoral response.

Today we celebrate a momentous feat in reformed evangelical church history: Mortification of Spin’s 100th episode! Carl and Todd reminisce about “The Golden Age”, Aimee highlights Carl’s inability to pronounce the English language, and all three discuss the spin they mortified this last year. It's full of the typical spinful banter and helpful take-aways from times past. In 100 episodes, one thing is for certain: As Aimee’s skin has thickened, Carl & Todd's hair has not. So come join the casual celebration of this 100th conversation as our hosts do what they do best: take care of business.  

“Well-rounded ministry is relatively rare today ... ‘while in God’s grace, there is an encouraging number of bright spots in the church, we see no broad movement yet of this gospel–centered ministry.’ […] We want more gospel-shaped churches,” according to the Gospel Coalition, launching their new 'Gospel-Shaped Church' series of books and DVDs. So have we missed the mark and been doing worship all wrong for hundreds of years? What makes a church "gospel-shaped" anyway? With all due respect, why recreate the wheel and abandon the greats of old who thoughtfully hammered out the basic elements of worship for us? Carl, Aimee, and Todd have plenty to say on the Gospel and its “shapes.”

Is it wise to recommend authors or quote those you don't agree with? Or is that playing with fire? What reasons justify avoiding a book or author altogether? Carl & Todd stand in agreement - you can respect, disagree with, or even dislike authors you quote. Exhibit A: Aimee Byrd. Joking aside, what's the rule of thumb here? From a preacher's perspective, Carl & Todd lend helpful insights for pastors from pastors and Aimee gives us her usual food for thought. 

City Church San Francisco recently wrote a letter about their views and ministry towards those attending City and associate with LGBTQ. City Church now affirms that homosexual sex is justified within the context of marriage. How should we respond to this? Surely the Church welcomes sinners, otherwise Her pews would be empty, but why has City gone so far to disregard scripture? With any sin, there can be real physical dangers aside from the obvious spiritual ones. Carl, Aimee, & Todd do not shy away from speaking up and sharing their concerns on the matter. They also offer some helpful resources you'll want to read.