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Next stop: Mortification Elementary! Carl, Aimee & Todd are on the big yellow bus shootin' the breeze about school. It's a hard conversation in the church and can become a heated one, too! Do you take your kids to public school or do you homeschool? Is it the role of the church to answer that or is it a matter of freedom and conscious? What does scripture even say about education?! Our hosts are parents who've had to ask these very things, and like many questions in life, the answers aren't as black and white as you might think.

There's a searing spotlight on adultery in today's headlines, highlighting the recent blow up of the Ashley Madison hack that exposed many - and church leaders were among the fallen. Carl, Aimee, & Todd discuss the havoc such sin wreaks on the sinner, the cost to the spouse, and their children. The Spinning Trifecta also addresses some misconceptions about sin such as, "All sin is the same in God's eyes," and they look into what Jesus means in Matthew 5:28. Reality is, none of us are immune to sin, even the most grievous, so how do we go about protecting ourselves from falling in this very particular way? 

Carl & Todd have really done it now. The Puppetmaster is about to pull the plug and poor Aimee appears to have gotten roped in, too. They'll undergo some serious trial and may face a mortifying …excommunication?! It could get ugly. So what do we think or even know about excommunication? It's a hard decision for a church to make and hard for any layperson to watch, let alone undergo. Yet the Bible spins it as vital, healthy, and positive. So what do you tell the congregation about discipline cases? How much is too much information? This episode is all about the how, why, and what of excommunication. As for our hosts, no need to worry. Aimee, despite being thrown under the bus, takes the brunt of the boys' malarky and coerces the Puppetmaster to mercy. The show will go on!

Carl, Aimee, & Todd continue their discussion on Rosaria Butterfield's latest book: Openness Unhindered, in which they respond specifically to her thoughts on and approach to Christian fellowship and hospitality. So how do you and your church fair in these areas? Is hospitality a characteristic of God? Rosaria's missional way of life is both humbling and challenging, offering serious food for thought on how you open your home and share your table and life with those in your community.

Dr. Valerie Hobbs, lecturer in linguistics at the University of Sheffield, joins us today to answer a difficult question: what is a woman's place in the reformed Church today? This is no open-and-closed-case conversation but one the Team is eager to tackle. Valerie helps to raise some hard questions: Is there a fundamental problem with our theology when it comes to how the Church treats and approaches women? Are women segregated and do they suffer under a modern day class system? Tune in to hear Carl, Aimee, & Todd chip in from their pastoral and lay-woman perspectives.

Rosaria Butterfield, former advocate and participant of the LGBT agenda, now converted Christian living a heterosexual lifestyle, has authored two books and speaks publicly about her homosexual past, unlikely conversion, and present life of faith and repentance. Carl, Aimee & Todd discuss her new book Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with ChristThey appreciate but also challenge some of Rosaria's thoughts. If you have not read it, there's good reason to remedy that, and very soon. In light of all the misguided and unbiblical writings on issues surrounding sexual identity, Rosaria's book is both refreshing and helpful. Be sure to tune in August 26th to hear the hosts' final thoughts on Rosaria's latest read.

Shhh, you mustn't speak a peep. Our hosts are pacing the grounds at a monastery pondering the painful sound of silence. They wonder: "Why is the church so quiet, turning a blind eye to outrageously unbiblical issues? Why is there growing ambiguity on doctrine and confession within the Christian world?" The hosts discuss how the evangelical world has grown poor in voicing its beliefs, standing firm on Biblical principles, and seems conforming to the tolerant ideals of the world. Do we shrink from declaring the whole counsel of God? This isn't a question for just those standing behind the pulpit but also those sitting in the pews.

There are some Christians who are neither hot nor cold - it's what we'd call nominalism and it's nothing new in today's Church. So how do we approach "Christians," having the appearance of godliness, or non-Christians clothed as sheep among the flock? Christ has not only broken the curse of sin but also its power over us. This should be clear in the mind of the Christian but in today's church, it's vogue to be vague.

Outside Gold's Gym in sunny Cali, our beach-buff Spinners await Max Benfer, a friend and pastor of Meadowcroft Church (PCA). As they pump iron, they discuss Max's call to the pastorate, roles, and the challenges of the ordinary pastor. For instance, when you're the pastor, who shepherds the pastor? Like many, Max is still figuring out the balance of his pastoral responsibilities, personal needs, and family time. Max also reveals he's a pastor with a past. If you're a minister, this episode should encourage you in your call. If you're a congregant, it should help you gain perspective on the trying task of shepherding.

One of our hosts is missing today which means there's less troubling a'brewin' on the air. The two "left behind" discuss the call to holiness on Church leaders, with specific emphasis on the pastor. It seems there is a deficiency in godliness these days, and even a more common (or perhaps just more publicized) exposure of moral nose-dives in which pastors crash & burn. What's happening?! Have piety & obedience fallen on hard times? Does a man's godliness hold any weight in the effectiveness of his ministry? Listen to what our hosts think as they draw from their own experience and Paul's teachings. It's no spoiler to say: The call to holiness is real and damage is done when sins are swept under the sanctuary rug.