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Today a motion, only the second of its kind in history, is made on the Spin; one that is, as Todd so eloquently puts it: "...so Presbyterian." Joining the Crew for such an honor is Nancy Guthrie. An author, teacher, and speaker, Nancy joins the team to talk about bereavement. Having lost two children, she understands the shadow that grief and tragedy can cast on one's faith. Is God as sovereign over the days of healthy children who will know a "full" life as he is over the one born with a rare syndrome who dies "before his time?" Has God been absent and uncaring? Listen to Nancy's responses, which offer powerful theological truths any Christian can cling to in times of suffering and loss. 

While Carl, known in some circles as RevMaster T, is off touring Australia with Lecrae, Aimee and Todd discuss the latest book on Luther with its token, British author. The book, Luther on the Christian Life, was written for the Church with a pastoral emphasis in mind, so it’s far from just another academic read. Its author has penned much on Luther before but even he was surprised by new findings about the legendary, revolutionary theologian. Listen to the end for a taste of the RevMaster’s latest work - a rap sensation that's exploding on YouTube.

Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries, author, and pastor, joins the Spin Crew for a riveting conversation on Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention. Are Calvinists and Baptists so oil-and-water after all? Tom speaks on why Baptists do what they do, and the Gang gets down to business asking some important questions: Are all southerners die-hard tailgaters or does Tom Ascol break the mold? And when will he retire to that Harley Davidson he deserves? But most important, will Tom reprimand our three hosts for leaving their Baptist roots? So much to discuss, so little time. It's another conversation that'll have your head spinning!

It's Oscar Sunday and gracing the red carpet tonight are our very own podcast "superstars," Carl, Aimee, & Todd. As they await the chance to mingle with the famous (and infamous), they reflect on what it will be like to get a selfie with Lecrae and what Sabbath observance even means. It's a difficult and pressing question for Christians, (the Sabbath, not Lecrae-selfies), and it seems that many don't grasp the kindness in God's 4th commandment. Doesn't church hold us back from "better" leisures on Sunday? And is it so bad to forego public worship to seek trivial, even "restful" affairs? It's a glamorous conversation on a night like this as the Gang push back the paparazzi by the droves.

Today our hosts have a meaningful, sober conversation with Todd Billings: author, pastor, and professor at Western Theological Seminary. Todd has been diagnosed with a rare, and for him terminal, form of cancer: Multiple Myeloma. He shares some of his experience and hope amidst acute awareness of his mortality, and how to, with strength and godliness, face death. Cancer affects some of us, either directly or indirectly, so Todd's words of trust in God's providence, Scripture, and prayer are helpful and relevant. Touching on points he raises in his book, Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer and Life in Christ, Todd lends insights on ways to encourage those suffering with serious illness. This is a conversation you're not likely to forget.

Carl, Aimee & Todd find themselves in the company of a Canadian... again. Once running a fish 'n' chips restaurant, Francis VanDelden now pastors a church in Frederick, Maryland. Carl & Todd are dying to know: Does Francis regret the day Aimee Byrd cast a shadow on his church door? Listen as Francis shares his personal joys of the pastorate and the privilege it is to enter the pulpit each week. The Gang asks Francis how he shepherds an OPC "megachurch" of almost two hundred. It's a conversation that is casual, helpful, and refreshing.

Authors & "Canadian cultural icons" Linda & Sandy Finlayson, join the round table to talk Shania Twain, maple syrup, books, and their estranged friendship with the Spin's own Carl Trueman. They discuss Sandy's biography on Thomas Chalmers and Linda's book Wielding the Sword. The dynamic duo share their reasons for taking up the pen to publish these books centered around church history as it is both a passion and mission of theirs.

This week the spin's all about Thomas Oden and his latest book, A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir. Oden, once a man deep in radical, liberal ideals passionately opposed to orthodoxy, confesses a stunning conversion to orthodox evangelical Christianity, and at the coaxing of the most unlikely person. Carl, Aimee, & Todd discuss many fascinating stories of Oden's life and the array of renowned theologians, politicians, leaders, and icons he's rubbed shoulders with along the way. His humble accounts occupying these pages are shocking and showcase an intellectual man with a pastor's heart. It's a page-turner the gang suggests you read in 2015.

Welcome back to the Preaching Conference as we rejoin the panel discussion where the team and Reverend Kent Hughes tackle meaningful questions submitted by pastors and seminary students attending the event. The banter is contagious and some of the questions outrageous… yet helpful. Tune in to hear how this quartet of theological know-how takes on questions like: "How can I get in the pulpit when I am so sinful?" and, "Now that you've reached the pinnacle of evangelical celebrity, what's the view like from the top?" and a Spin favorite: "Where would you draw the line of being vulnerable from the pulpit in sharing your own personal sin?"

Take a gander with Carl, Aimee, and Todd as they browse today's Christian Best-Sellers list. Discerning worthwhile reads from sentimental fluff, they look for theological substance but the pickin's are slim. With the casual aside, this is a courageous conversation to address a serious question: Why do so many Christian women read garbage? And if the allure of weak theology is so great, should pastors go on book patrol? Being our token female (and honorary man), Aimee has plenty to say. Of course, Carl has another question for our Fair Lady that really gets her goat...