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Dr. David VanDrunen, professor of systematic theology and Christian ethics at Westminster Seminary Calfornia, is outside Georgetown Tobacco where Carl, Aimee, and Todd are wondering what all the fuss is about with two kingdoms theology. The way Christians relate to the culture is an increasingly relevant topic during today's tumultuous political milieu, and the smoke is rising! Aside from how we vote, this doctrine determines how we answer questions like: Should a minister of the gospel stand in protest outside an abortion clinic? Is the Church responsible for shaping civil law or developing political strategies? And most importantly: Should Aimee go to Christian yoga and Todd join a Christian pipe-smoking club? Hear David's astute answers on these questions while sharing his thoughts on our role as Christian citizens amidst a culture turned against God.

Martin Luther - a man of mystery and many talents. Aside from writing lists, he was quite the letter writer, too, and with Reformation season around the corner, the Gang's discussion of Luther's woeing and woes is timely. Listen in as they share of his influence on their own lives and suggest which of Luther's works you should add to your shelf.

Pull up a chair, light some candles, and prepare to be authentic and vulnerable. We have a spot at the table for you and Carl, Todd, and Aimee are here to teach us about discipleship. Join the “movement” today to hear about the ordinary means of grace, the importance of the church vs. the parachurch, and what to do about church discipline. Grab your utensils and let’s dig in.

This week, the gang flips through the pages of Daniel Block's book, For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship. The team concurs: Block's ideas on today's fundamental elements of worship, such as singing and prayer, are thought-provoking and worth a read. The gang discusses what true worship is - does Old Testament ritual practice have a place in worship or are we just spinning our wheels? In usual fashion, they offer their two cents on today's catchy contemporary jingles juxtaposed to the rich psalms and hymns of old.

This week the gang's in deep water discussing the holy sacrament of baptism - How should we treat it? Who should administer it? Why does it even matter? They reveal key exegetical defenses, share helpful resources for those on the fence, and tell what convinced them to hang up their own credobaptist views for paedobaptist ones. Come on down to the river... the water’s fine!

Join a provocative conversation with Rachel Miller, News Editor for The Aquila Report and blogger, as she enlightens us about the patriarchy movement, its driving forces, and its many dangers that have gone under the radar in reformed circles. It's all talk about headship, gender roles, and the Duggars. Listen to the team tackle sinister elements of the movement and how to approach it from a pastoral perspective. They laugh, they pry, they get serious.

Gallantly riding in from the White Horse Inn, our guest, Michael Horton -- author and fellow podcaster -- shares his thoughts on reformed theology and how he came upon it garbed in silk and laden with puka shells. Join the usual Spin Team as they discuss some of the nuts and bolts of the reformed faith, ponder how to "get the Gospel right" and discover Dr. James Boice's fascinating role in Horton's 'journey' to reformed theology.

Dating? Courtship? What do those words mean? Do they even matter in today's hook-up culture? What is the best option? Always ready to ruffle some feathers, the gang takes this subject head-on and, in usual Spin fashion, doesn't pull any punches. Their discussion centers around the Duggar family's world of courting rules and regulations. Though Aimee & Todd are the only hosts with daughters, Carl tries hard to throw in his two cents: "Just have sons." Listen in to this casual conversation as the crew destroys the spin once again.

This just in: "Polite Society" has banished Carl, Aimee, and Todd to live on Leper Island! While exploring the island they found another outcast, one who was marooned long ago - Phil Johnson. Phil, of the self-proclaimed Pyromaniacs, chats with the gang about starting fires with Frank "The Turk" and "Dispy" Dan Phillips, Charles Spurgeon's prolific preaching, the cult of celebrity pastors, and proper forms of worship. The conversation moves from levity to depth, with all the pomp, circumstance, and pizazz you've come to expect from the spinners. Listen as the crew mortify the spin as only they can.

Today our Reformed trifecta considers hopping on the ol' evangelical bandwagon. The gang highlights some understated dangers of churches whose leadership present an alluring faux intimacy and show lack of integrity. They also give loyalty to said leaders and their man-made standards over loyalty to God's standards. With the continued kerfuffle surrounding some well-known pastors, the gang raises an important question: Why don't we speak up before things blow up? Join today's conversation to heed what well-known pastor, blogger, professor, and all-around big-time Christian celebrity, Carl Trueman, and two other people, have to say on this hot topic.