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This week’s Bully Pulpit finds the free-range gang sippin’ coffee made by vulnerable baristas who use only respectfully treated coffee beans. As Carl, Todd, and Aimee get real, they raise an issue magnified by social media: the blurring of public and private boundaries in our lives and the phenomena of showcasing our emotions. But as cage-free as they try to be, you’ll have to go elsewhere to see them cry. After all, there is still a remnant of those who chose to blubber in private.

Melanie Brunson and her dog Sparta join Carl, Todd, and Aimee this week to discuss the church's care for people with disabilities. Blind from infancy, Melanie gives a unique and enlightening perspective on being a part of the body of Christ. How can Christians help those with disabilities in their churches? How does a blind woman meditate on the Sovereignty of God in a culture where the prosperity gospel speaks false promises?

Todd and Aimee go at it without Carl today to discuss the practice of “Fight Churches.” Can men beat the living daylights out of each other one day and pray on their knees together the next? If so, why would they even want to do that? What does it have to do with outreach and evangelism? Extra bonus: the team reveals for the first time ever the secret of their very short commute to MoS recording locations.

Back in their secret underground bunker, the spin team phone up David Wells to discuss his body of work and his huge contributions to modern Christianity. As a turncoat, a self-described "African-American," David has a unique experience and insight into American Christianity. David's voice has carried a lot of weight for much of evangelicalism, and he discusses issues related to this movement. Does evangelicalism have a center, a true coherence, anymore? Is it possible to have one again? David's Wells' input on this timely conversation is beneficial both for those who profess to be evangelical, and for those who don't.

If you are looking to be inspired the Mortification of Spin team is on task to speak to your mind.  In light of the release of “Heaven is For Real” last week, the team asks important questions about how the church should do evangelism.  While Americans tend to be drawn toward the sensational and the inspiring, the Bible sufficiently teaches that the gospel is to be communicated by ordinary means. Think cross, not glitter.

After taking care of the official business of making Aimee "one of the guys," the hosts get into a discussion of Easter and its celebration in churches. Is Easter a pagan holiday? It is necessary for pastors to preach the resurrection, so its focus on Easter shouldn't be abnormal, but it should certainly be emphasized. Listen in to hear the gang's thoughts on Easter, chocolate bunnies, lent, and government-regulated nutritional guidelines.

"Gospel-centered" desserts: transforming the culture, or confusing Gospel categories? This "excessively Kuyperian" approach to the Christian life seems to seek to make a vocation Christian, instead of one being a Christian in a vocation. We do not need to "Christianize" things in order to be faithful Christians. Instead of trying to "transform" or "redeem" our vocations, Christians should seek to be the best bakers, mechanics, and rock-and-roll superstars they can be, to the glory of God. All else is a cheap imitation of the true duty of the church. Listen to Carl, Todd, and Aimee briefly discuss these weighty matters of the Christian life..

How does God speak to us today? How do we understand the sufficiency of God's Word? Carl, Aimee, and Todd take Sarah Young's popular devotional "Jesus Calling" to task. In it, Young claims to need more than Scripture to hear from God and has written words "from Jesus" she heard outside of her Bible study. The "Spin Doctors" mortify the book, a product of modern individualism, and offer a few replacement suggestions. What responsibilities do pastors have in confronting this kind of book, or any cultural artifact with which their congregations are interacting?

With many states moving to legalize marijuana churches may now and certainly will soon have to deal with congregants smoking pot. Does the Bible allow for use of substances like marijuana? What part does a Christian's freedom play in the use of the drug? How should churches respond? Carl, Todd, and Aimee debate the moral and ecclesiastical ramifications of smoking pot.

Sin. Loss. Deprivation. Law. Grace. Aimee, Todd, and Carl are joined by author and counselor Barbara Duguid on this installment of Mortification of Spin. Barbara is author of the book "Extravagant Grace," and grace is the topic at hand. How are Christians to reconcile on-going, indwelling sin with Christ's unrelenting "extravagant" grace? Listen in to learn more.