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On this installment of Bully Pulpit, Aimee, Todd, and Carl discuss the multi-generational nature of the Bride of Christ. How do we reconcile the fact that different generations seem to want different things from a church? Is it true that we need to constantly be looking to the youth? We must fight the cultural trends and look to the wisdom of age within our churches. Listen in to this anniversary episode of Mortification of Spin and learn more about this perennial issue.

Aimee, Carl, and Todd are joined in the studio via the internet by Gloria Furman, author of Glimpses of Grace, published through Crossway, and blogger over at Domestic Kingdom. As a pastor's wife serving in Dubai, a major city in the United Arab Emirates, Gloria has a unique perspective on the topic at hand: modesty. Listen in as the gang seek to enlighten themselves and the listeners as to what it means to be modest, and all that Christian modesty implies.

Aimee, Carl, and Todd are back at it - this time discussing the church's involvement in the public square, specifically when dealing with the polarizing issue of abortion. How are Christians to conduct themselves, in the church and on the street, when talking about and protesting abortion? Are we to engage in political debate or sit back and let it happen? Or is there a third way? Listen to the team's lively conversation.

What's the purpose of a sermon? Is it to inspire the congregation or just a means of transmitting knowledge? Or is the sermon something greater? Dead bones came to life when Ezekiel preached. Are the sermons you listen to that powerful? Listen to Aimee, Carl and Todd once again discuss sermons.

What do you look for in a good church? Bouncy castles, a good social network, a place to land a good business deal? Those may be fun, but there’s more to it than that. Don't forget about good preaching and a robust confession. Listen to Bully Pulpit with Carl, Todd, and Aimee to learn more.

What role does preaching play in today's church? The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Master joins Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt to talk about the importance and gravity of preaching. Through the book "Preaching & Preachers" by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, they show the necessity and primacy of the proper preaching of the all-sufficient Word of God. Listen the Mortification of Spin to learn more about this imperative and perennial topic.

How can Christians appropriately, firmly but sensitively talk about the Bibles teaching on sexuality. Our sexuality is for the glory of God and not a means to its own end. There is so much that can be said about our sexual identity so listen now to Carl and Aimee on the Bully Pulpit as they touch this important subject.

How do elders function in the church? What's the point of having elders? What is their role in supporting their pastor and caring for their congregation? Dr. Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss the important and perennial topic of biblical elder leadership in this episode of Mortification of Spin. Listen now!

Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd are back at it, and doing what they do best: tear down your preconceived notions and build up Gospel truths in their place. This time they take on Christmas, and discuss the utter amazing truth of Jesus' incarnation. The trio try their best to cover this hugely important topic in a short amount of time. How do we understand the connection between Jesus' humanity and his deity? What are some good resources in helping to understand this doctrine? What's Carl's favorite Christmas song? Listen in to find out!

In this episode of Mortification of Spin, Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt are joined by Christopher Bogosh through the wonders of technology, Carl and Todd interview Christopher about his new book "Compassionate Jesus: Rethinking the Christian's Approach to Modern Medicine." How are Christians to interact with what Christopher calls the "modern medical worldview?" Espousing a consistent biblical worldview, we can see that many people idolize life in a way that is antithetical to gospel truth. We must remember to always claim Christ's triumph over death. Listen in to learn more about these end of life issues.