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How do elders function in the church? What's the point of having elders? What is their role in supporting their pastor and caring for their congregation? Dr. Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss the important and perennial topic of biblical elder leadership in this episode of Mortification of Spin. Listen now!

Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd are back at it, and doing what they do best: tear down your preconceived notions and build up Gospel truths in their place. This time they take on Christmas, and discuss the utter amazing truth of Jesus' incarnation. The trio try their best to cover this hugely important topic in a short amount of time. How do we understand the connection between Jesus' humanity and his deity? What are some good resources in helping to understand this doctrine? What's Carl's favorite Christmas song? Listen in to find out!

In this episode of Mortification of Spin, Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt are joined by Christopher Bogosh through the wonders of technology, Carl and Todd interview Christopher about his new book "Compassionate Jesus: Rethinking the Christian's Approach to Modern Medicine." How are Christians to interact with what Christopher calls the "modern medical worldview?" Espousing a consistent biblical worldview, we can see that many people idolize life in a way that is antithetical to gospel truth. We must remember to always claim Christ's triumph over death. Listen in to learn more about these end of life issues.

Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd are back at it! In this edition of Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit they discuss the importance of accountability specifically in church leadership. Leaders must accept and embrace the right to free speech, even when that speech is critical or unwanted. No one can be above accountability, even high-profile church leaders who bring in lots of money. Listen in as they discuss this important and timely issue!

How sufficient is God's Word? Do the charismatic gifts have a place in the church today? Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt are joined via satellite by the Pyromaniacs themselves - Dan Phillips and Frank Turk. The group discusses the cessationism of the charismatic gifts. God has given us all we need in his own, true, infallible word. Listen to the Mortification of Spin to hear their insights on this hotly debated topic.

In this issue of Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit, Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss the importance of the church fathers to modern Christianity. How can men who lived thousands of years ago speak to today's issues with any relevance? Learn more about some of the important fathers of our faith from Carl and Todd.

What is the meaning of sex? It's all we talk about today. But why did God create sex in the first place? On this episode of the Mortification of Spin we are joined by a special guest who will help us uncover the meaning of sex. Listen now as our hosts discuss sex, not in a salacious way as some may be inclined to do and in a respectful God honoring manner.

How do pastors and church leaders keep themselves accountable to their congregations? What happens when a church is treated more like a business than a house of worship? Listen in to the Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit to hear Todd Pruitt and Aimee Byrd as they discuss the dangerous cult of personality that has taken hold of some aspects of the church at large. They give what everyone's come to expect from the Mortification of Spin - stepping on toes and taking the big guys down a few notches!

Aimee Byrd makes another appearance with Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt, this time her first as co-host. Listen in as the trio discuss Halloween and its impact on the Christian life. Is it problematic for a Christian family to trick-or-treat on Halloween? To what lengths does Christian liberty extend? Listen to the Mortification of Spin to hear the insight of Carl, Todd, and Aimee.

Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit gives hosts Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt a chance to briefly discuss timely issues. Listen as they discuss some criticism and lashback they have gotten because of the podcast, and some of the reasons behind their perceived "harshness" toward prominent Christian leaders. How does the Bible guide our critiques of public figures with popular books and speaking tours? Do we need to sit down over a "no-foam, non-fat latte" in order to be able to speak out against these very public ministers? Carl and Todd take a stab at some of these questions.