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Lydia Brownback joins the conversation today to talk about loneliness - that dark cloud that shows no partiality on whom it descends. Lydia is a friend of the Alliance as a one time producer of The Bible Study Hour broadcast and what is now our Think and Act Biblically devotional. While we certainly miss her, she’s now both an author and speaker whose typical audience is women. But her latest book, Finding God in My Loneliness, strikes a chord, both, with men and women. Let’s join in now as Lydia debunks some common myths about loneliness, offers careful critique of singles in the church, and voices the biblical standards at stake in the sexualized culture in which we live.

The nauseating activity of church shopping should not be confused with the often necessary need to find a new church. When there are several Gospel preaching churches to choose from, God has given us the ability to think critically to help us discern the right church to attend. Don’t think, what can the church do for me, but rather, what can you do for the church. And, make sure you listen to find out how Carl ended up in the OPC.

Has social justice taken a prominent stage over sharing the Gospel message? What is social justice anyway? A growing number of Christians are giving voice to social justice. Yet one needs to beware of the snare of liberal camp movements too.

Perhaps a good historian could be helpful here. Maybe Carl can recommend one? Join the conversation with Carl, Aimee & Todd!

With Carl visiting his mum, Todd and Aimee can finally consider the very real beauty gap between the Brits and the Americans!

However, when we pick up the conversation Todd and Aimee return to talk about how the church deals with a repentant sinner versus one that is unrepentant. We all know that sin has consequences, often the teenage girl who gets pregnant or a divorced individual knows this best. It’s such an other worldly thing to simultaneously say; we hate sin, we hate what sin does, and we take sin seriously. But, that we also believe that where sin abounds grace abounds even more because of what Christ has done for us.

Isn’t that the beauty of Christianity? Isn’t that what we should be showing to the world?
Be sure to listen!

Today’s special guest Rosaria Butterfield was once a bold advocate for the LGBTQ community. Since then, she has come to Christ and married an Evangelical pastor, with whom she has had several children. She has authored two marvelous books about this "unlikely conversion" and one on hospitality.

Why hospitality, one might ask. Because it was through Christian hospitality, God, slowly but surely, disarmed and compelled her to faith. Today she opens up her own Christian home to the community so that her family can bear witness and evangelize. On a daily basis, Rosaria's family dines with her neighbors. She is eager to count the cost much like Jesus did.

Are you?

The church has a silent killer, much like when carbon monoxide creeps into your house and you don’t even know it. Why are people coming to your church? Do they want to hear the Bible preached or do they want something more superficial? Is the purpose of the church to meet your individual felt needs? The church is called to provide an ordinary means of grace - those things which it ought to be emphasizing and prioritizing in her ministry. Listen as Carl, Todd, and Aimee discuss those things we should not compromise on, including what kind of car Todd is convinced he needs.

Which is more beautiful?: Bach or Beyonce? Symmetry or asymmetry? Bald or Blonde? Carl or Todd? By natural design, beauty appeals to us and we seek it out daily whether it's music, art, fashion, or romance. Under sin's curse, we attune our minds to wrong perspectives and standards and make more of what God counts as less. The battle with beauty is something everyone has to fight. So how does the Christian combat against Hollywood's norms and not cheapen the inner adornment of our character without going to the opposite extreme? Today we count the costs of our cultural obsession with beauty, pointing out shameful ways we prize the pretty and cast all the Todd & Carl's to the curb.

While Carl soaked in Italian rays, he treaded the town in his English footgear (black socks and open-toed sandals, to be exact), pondering the differences Protestants have with the Pope and his posse. Over the years, we've hosted numerous guests from the Roman Catholic persuasion on the show so it's no surprise folks have been wondering: on which doctrines do we agree, and on which must we disagree? You may be surprised!

Do children belong in Sunday morning worship? Is it worth the potential tantrums in the pew? We have Jason Helopolous on the line to help us answer this parental conundrum. Jason is Associate Pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing Michigan. He's also an author, husband and father. As that last role, Jason can sympathize with parents of young children. So when are children "old enough" to join worship? What about the theology behind "children's church”, and the misconception that children take away from worship? Fortunately, we have two children here today to give us their perspective on being in service … thanks for joining us, Carl & Todd!

Should Evangelicals "celebrate" Martin Luther? With this year marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Luther is on the brain! His life and legacy should be an inspiration to us all - a man God significantly used in the birth of the Protestant Church. But, should we make a big fuss over him every year? Before you buy into the pub-crawl and raise a pint of malty, Martin Luther-y beverage, take a listen to what Carl, Aimee and Todd have to say about this stubborn monk.