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We're here again with our boy, Max “Rambouski” Benfer. Strangely he always finds our secret bunker! Despite our better judgment, we let him appear on the show … (what can we say, we feel bad for the guy!). He's had quite a colorful past and in his previous life, Max served in men’s ministry - basically calling men to set up camp in Neverland and play in the dirt. In all seriousness, what is men's ministry supposed to look like and what makes it successful? If ministering to the men-folk looks like a pack of Tarzans in the woods while "Jane" stays home, it's time we reconsider our strategy.

Are all things being redeemed … even Pokemon Go?! C'mon. We're handing out our very last Desperate Theology award and we hope the winner will take it in stride! In light of Pokemon, Carl, Aimee, and Todd sit down to talk "Hyperreality", that is, the reality that isn't. We live in a world increasingly fixated on what's fabricated. Screens have gripped our eyes and crippled the imagination. "It’s all crap and it’s destroying our souls," says one no-name Englishman. So what is reality and why do we shy away from it? You'd think it's an obvious answer, but how often do we function far from the natural created world before and around us with little awareness?

According to Carl, Aimee & Todd, church membership isn’t an extra-biblical idea, so where does it originate from and what does it even matter? More importantly who does it better: the OPC or the PCA? (Carl's got the answer to that). Once we tease out why church membership is important, what purpose do membership classes serve? What pros are there to having them and for goodness sake, how long should they be?! And surely college or seminary students are off the hook since they are in such a transitory time, and they're taking enough classes. Right?

Today's Desperate Theologizer gets a failing grade from MOS, but they need more than a trip to the principal's office to straighten them out. Speaking of authority, the pulpit grants power to those behind it, but sometimes it becomes a weapon taken to extremes. Heavy shepherding, control, throwing your weight around - these are twisted approachs to pastoral ministry that any minister has the temptation to fall into and every lay congregant should be able to recognize. Today's addition of Bully Pulpit is more true to its name than ever.

How on earth can we trust the books in the Bible to be the only Word of God, or “canon”, to which no man should add or subtract? What exactly is the canon and why is it important? What are its fundamental flaws, (and if there are any), then how can we be confident in it? The canon can be an intimidating topic so naturally we spared no expense in bringing out the big guns: Michael Kruger. Dr. Kruger is President of Reformed Seminary Charlotte, Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, and author of numerous books. However, he’s more widely known for being married to Melissa Kruger. Hopefully we will get her on the show soon - but Michael makes for a nice Plan B.

Can mercy and grace find their way into your workout? Well, uniting brain and brawn has never been more feasible thanks to the desperate efforts of another Theologizer. In other news: Carl has a piercing question for Todd: “Is your Frat-Boy-Honeymoon period with the PCA over?” General Assembly recently ruffled some feathers, but thankfully they’d never get rid of Systematic Theology or start ordaining women … right?! … or would they?

Preachers preach theology, but what about our theology on preaching? Should sitting under the preached word take priority over other forms of scriptural intake? What about one-on-one discipleship, small-group Bible studies, biblical counseling, and Christian fellowship - do they take the backseat to sunday morning service? For some of us, a sermon is simply informative, but to others it’s one of God’s means to confront and encourage us in our Christian lives. That said, what’s your theology on preaching, truly and functionally?

The recent Trinity Debate has raised an eyebrow (or two) in both the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. If you're not in the know by now, we'll give you the twenty-minute brief today. There's more at stake than the ontology and economy of the Trinity.  This also impacts how we view women as well. The Word's alleged submission to the Father in eternity has been used in this debate to provide justification for the authoritarian headship of men over women ... hmm, something's not right here. There are patriarchal undertones to this debate and Carl, Aimee, & Todd have sniffed them out and express serious concern for how this theology can cause great harm within the Church and within marriages.

Today we have Rod Dreher on the show. Rod is a Gumbo-eatin’, Louisiana City-Slickin’ Eastern Orthodox and author. He’s here to explain the Benedict Option, and … we’re still not sure we get it! He talks about moral and civil life, and how Christians ought to live in this crooked world. Rod says preaching of the word and the Benedict Option are the only way forward in sharing our faith with the world around us. Very interesting … please pass the hollandaise!

In Desperate Theology this week is… it's always 2008 somewhere. Fast forward 8 years and we find our public schools are an ever-increasing world of confusion especially in regards to gender. Is the (latest) Sexual Revolution as bad as it looks? The transgender issue is a fundamental redefinition of personhood with huge implications on the malleable minds of our youth. We fight for hormone-free chickens yet parents are berated (or worse!) for refusing hormone therapy for their "transgender" child. What on earth is happening here? We need to know what we believe and thus equip our children with sound theology to stand firm on Christ the solid rock.