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Do children belong in Sunday morning worship? Is it worth the potential tantrums in the pew? We have Jason Helopolous on the line to help us answer this parental conundrum. Jason is Associate Pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing Michigan. He's also an author, husband and father. As that last role, Jason can sympathize with parents of young children. So when are children "old enough" to join worship? What about the theology behind "children's church”, and the misconception that children take away from worship? Fortunately, we have two children here today to give us their perspective on being in service … thanks for joining us, Carl & Todd!

Should Evangelicals "celebrate" Martin Luther? With this year marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Luther is on the brain! His life and legacy should be an inspiration to us all - a man God significantly used in the birth of the Protestant Church. But, should we make a big fuss over him every year? Before you buy into the pub-crawl and raise a pint of malty, Martin Luther-y beverage, take a listen to what Carl, Aimee and Todd have to say about this stubborn monk.

With us today is Fran Maier, "the most interesting man in the world" … according to Carl Trueman. And here we thought Carl assumed that title (per his own nomination!). Fran, once a screenwriter for Warner Brothers, not only has an impressive resume but a unique perspective on American culture having been submerged in LA's superficiality. This conservative Catholic has never looked back and now serves as the executive personal assistant to the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput. Tune in to hear his informed critique and spin on our culture, technology, and the likes … that's alllll folks!

Scripture sheds much light on the topic of forgiveness. But what if someone doesn't seek our forgiveness or is unrepentant? Certainly we have all, at some point or another, asked that question and likely wrestled with the answer. But perhaps there's other questions we might also ask: Should we not imitate the Lord's own forgiveness towards us? Are we compelled to forgive others who offend our name? Does God withhold his forgiveness until we repent? If God did not spare his only Son, can we not spare our own self-righteous pride and clothe ourselves in humility and grace? It's tricky answering these questions perfectly as fallible people but Aimee & Todd tackle them with care.

John Henry Crosby is a man wearing many hats: he is the President and Founder of the Hildebrand Project; he's a translator, critic, and writer. So who is Hildebrand? He was a stalwart who's voice and writings were compelled by exposing the evil he saw in Hitler and his Nazis regime. Described as a public traitor, Hildebrand was one of the first to raise red flags about the Third Reich and God sustained him in the midst of grave adversity. So why should Protestants read and learn from Hildebrand, a Catholic? No better man to answer that question than John Henry...

The Psalms offer the Christian a unique plethora of language and capture a wide array of human emotion unlike any other book in the Bible. For the distressed and despairing, Psalms help us find words we otherwise counted as lost - what a gift to our weary souls! Please join Carl, Aimee & Todd as they discuss their own experiences wading through the Psalms seeking (and finding!) solace and strength through them.

Child abuse - it's heinous, it's a crime, it's a shame, and it's a sin. Unfortunately, it's quite pervasive in the Church which is often a soft target. Why is that, and what can we do to guard our flock more preventatively instead of reactively? We certainly need to educate our children and train our nursery workers, but how do we impart discernment while not making them critical of everyone. We all have roles of protecting our children, but even some actions of "justice" can further enable the abuse. This is by no means an exhaustive conversation answering all these questions in depth but a discussion that should put any Church worker on high alert.

Which MOS host was promised to be made a cardinal by the Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia if he becomes the next Pope? Aside from an empty promise, the Archbishop shares profound insights into the current Sexual Revolution from the Catholic perspective, and from his unique view point as someone committed to celibacy. Archbishop Chaput is also an author of a book our hosts would highly recommend: Strangers in a Strange Land, in which the Archbishop expresses in more vivid detail how the conservative religious camps are being marginalized by a radical progression in cultural norms at an alarmingly rapid pace. We discuss everything from contraception to abortion to gay marriage to transgenderism. For all who listen, this is a stand-out interview full of rich insight with a vital undertaking in how to think in today's world - a world where we ought to live holding the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.

What's on the rail for the lizard? … To answer that important question, we have Wendy Alsup on the show. She's a Mathematics professor at Community College in South Carolina, a mom, and an author. Wendy is burdened for women to appreciate and know the Bible. So beyond talking lizards and women, she's here to help us understand: What do we do with the tough passages of scripture - passages where women are taken advantage of, oppressed, killed? There are loads of untidy and discouraging accounts of injustice in the Bible hard to handle and difficult to find the message in the mess. There's much a pastor can learn from Wendy's book to better engage his congregation with compassion and understanding. So let's talk lizards and ladies!

"There may be something there that wasn't there before" … sings the cast of Beauty and the Beast at a pivotal moment in the Disney Classic. Well, days away from its appearance as a live-action film, those words couldn't ring more true! There is something there that wasn't there before: a homosexual character! It's got a lot of people talking since the director puffs the film as the first Disney movie to have an 'exclusively gay moment'. It's no surprise Hollywood has come to this, but then … it's a children's movie! So question is: As Christians, do we let our children see it? Where do we draw the line for entertainment? Perhaps it's not so black and white …? Listen to what the hosts (aka, Beauty & The Beasts) have to say, it's certainly got them talking!