The Rat Pack, Ref21 Style

puppet master.jpgAs you can see, the team had rather a lot of fun at the marathon recording session last week, even though the Puppet Master showed up to cast his long, sinister, cold shadow over the otherwise happy proceedings.  The first fruits of the party, the latest Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit, is now up, in which  we discussrat pack.jpg what to look for in a good church. 

Todd wants comfy armchairs on a lavish stage, a lady with big hair ministering to the congregation in song, a Country and Western aesthetic.  What can one say? You can take the boy out of the Southern Baptist Convention but you can't take the Southern Baptist Convention out of the boy.   Shirley -- I mean, Aimee -- thinks music trumps everything. I kid you not.  Just take a listen -- and it wasn't even a trap.  Quite shocking --- but, like Todd, she is PCA so we should perhaps make allowances.  She also wants a coffee shop in the church foyer, along with liturgical mixed martial arts.  As for me -- no flimflam, no fancy tricks, no big hair. Just the means of grace.  Ordinary.  Very Ordinary.  But hey, I'm OPC.  What do you expect?