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Visiting RTS Jackson today, it was a thrill to be in the home state of the late great Robert Johnson (look him up on Wikipedia, Del); and to be introduced by Dr Thomas to RTS as a `gangly nerd,' Del continuing to labour under the delusion that I operate under pseudonyms on the Ref21 blog.  Rodney, Gareth, Tony and co are real reality, I tell you (to adapt Schaeffer) -- I chatted to them yesterday just before that nice doctor chappy gave me my that interesting medicine before my afternoon nap.
One thing struck me -- a pastor came to speak to me after I had spoke at chapel on the issue of humility (no laughing on the back row, Thomas....).  When you talk to a humble man, he said, you don't walk away thinking `Wow, that guy's a humble man.'  No, you come away thinking `That man seemed really interested in listening to what I had to say.' 

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I am reading a book on preaching to `postmoderns’ for review. There is much about it that I’m enjoying, but I find myself once again frustrated by the evangelical generalizations about postmodernism so-called.

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(Editor’s note: due to complaints we have received, we are introducing a new certification scheme for our blogs, ranging from `G’ for `Godly’ and thus suitable for all to `M’ for those blogs which contain material offensive to the spiritually mature. The following blog is rated `M’ and contains some material which mature readers may find offensive.)

In the absence of Gareth, I've kindly agreed to host this part of Ref21.  Once again, we pose a significant theological question to a leading Reformed cab driver. This week, we ask the question `Is it right to have absurd fictional characters blogging on Ref21?’ and our guest is Dave Dee – no, not the member of sixties flash-in-the-pans, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch, but Driver 45677 with Onehitwonder Cabs, Ealing. Dave, what do you think? Do fictional bloggers trivialize the message of Reformation 21?

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One of our readers, Peter Whyte, sent in this link to some P T Forsyth material on the web (and what looks like an interesting theology site all round).

Here is the link: 

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If one sign of a great theologian is his ability to sieze hold of the imagination of his readers witha single line, to disturb them, to fascinate them, to make them think, then Forsyth ranks near the top.  Here's a few to start the week:

`None but the great theologies of redemption are adequate to the great tragedies of the world.'
`An undogmatic Christ is the advertisement of a dying faith.'
`The peace of God is not a glassy calm but a mighty confidence.'
`The seat of revelation is in the Cross, and not in the heart.'
`Look to the Gospel, and it will see to the experience.'

And a particular favourite of mine: `Half gospels have no dignity and no future.  Like the famous mule, they have neither pride of ancestry nor hope of posterity.'

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This is the quickest way to say thank you to the numerous readers of the Ref21 blog who have graciously taken the time to send in condolences and assurances of prayer regarding the death of Alan Groves, a dear friend and much-missed colleague. His funeral has just taken place and was both a heartbreaking and yet joyous occasion where the minister pointed those present beyond the grave to the greater hope of the resurrection, a topic on which Al talked much in the final few months.  Sin and death are outrageous and chaotic invasions of God's creation; the only solution lies in the subversion of death through Christ's resurrection.

The memorial service is tomorrow at 2.  Details on the Westminster webpage (

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There is an obituary of J Alan Groves posted on the Westminster website,, and a moving account of his last day on the family blog at  In times of such loss, it is good to remember that Christianity is not a religion of healing -- such has nothing to say in the face of death; it is a religion of resurrection.

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Some weeks back I noted a leading emergent webpage which spends it's time telling the reader how important and radical (in the Starbucks latte drinking sense of the word....) the particular person who writes on it is.  I raised the question of how, in the marketplace of ideas, Christians can promote the good and the true without promoting themselves.  In this context, I'm struck by the following comment from good old P T Forsyth, scarcely a conservative evangelical but a whole lot wiser than the emergent person on said website, and any who are tempted to think too highly of themselves, whatever their theological conviction:

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Once again, I put aside joking around just for a minute to ask blog readers to pray for my colleague, Alan Groves, and his family, as he struggles with cancer.  See

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Some more from Forsyth.  Theologians who have the gift of words that set minds on fire should be read: