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reformation21 is an online magazine created to serve, edify, and educate Christians by presenting an authoritative Reformed perspective, while embracing various confessional positions, on a variety of relevant historic matters, current issues, and thoughtful positions that inform, inspire, and challenge Christians to think and grow biblically. This is a small sample of the types of articles you will find at reformation21. If you're not already a subscriber consider signing up today.

Marriage and the Church in America by Bruce Baugus

I have little idea what challenges American churches (and other institutions) that refuse to recognize same-sex marriages may soon face in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, announced today. The Wall Street Journal's Jerry Seib says this feels like the end of a national debate, the final word on a once politically divisive issue in America. It's not that simple, but I suspect he's more right than wrong; the decision already feels a touch passé, as though the court is trying to catch up with a culture already moving on, and the news has dropped off the banner of several major news sites. Continue Reading...

Bannerman on the Church vs. the State by Rick Phillips

The recent publication of James Bannerman's The Church of Christ has been a boon to Christians simply because of the great value of his material on this important topic.  But given the prospect of increasing conflicts between the federal government and Christians, Christ's people need to think clearly and courageously about our respective duties to Christ versus Caesar. Continue Reading...

The Origins of Children's Church (Or Not) by Aaron Denlinger

The fine team of scholars working around the clock at Lutheran Satire have unearthed footage detailing the late Victorian era origins of Children's Church. View the footage and read more...


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