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10/07/18 - ""If I Perish, I Perish" - Part 1"
                    Esther 4:1-17
10/14/18 - ""If I Perish, I Perish" - Part 2"
                    Esther 4:1-17 
10/21/18 - "Battle Plans - Part 1"
                    Esther 5:1-14  
10/28/18 - "Battle Plans - Part 2"
                    Esther 5:1-14 

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Liam Goligher is a native of Scotland and earned his D. Min at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson MS. He was a minister of churches in Northern Ireland; Canada; two churches in Scotland; and in Richmond, London before becoming Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia PA in 2011. He has authored several books and contributed to many others. Dr. Goligher has served on the boards of many Christian ministries, including as a Trustee of the Keswick Convention Trust in the UK. A popular conference speaker, he was invited to Keswick eight summers. He and his wife Christine have been blessed with three daughters, two sons and numerous grandchildren.

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No Falling Word

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Posted: May 07, 2016

Redemption is as much about justice as it is about mercy. We see this principal throughout Scripture, from the foreshadowing of Old Testament law all the way to the cross. Today on No Falling Word, we’ll find David, stuck between a desire for reconciliation and the need to satisfy God’s wrath.

Posted: April 30, 2016

Today on No Falling Word, we’ll take a look at a troubling story concerning a covenant curse and a painful reconciliation. Through David’s example, we’ll learn that breaches to a covenant cannot simply be swept under the carpet. They must be justified before they can be resolved.

Posted: April 23, 2016

The church is a mixed community, united by a solitary truth. On No Falling Word, we’ll discover how our belonging to a covenant people is a reality more powerful than any divisive scheme. Because whether the church is attacked from within or without, the gates of Hell cannot prevail.

Posted: April 16, 2016

Early in his reign, David was promised two things from God - that his rule would never end, but that it would also always be challenged. This week on No Falling Word, we’ll learn how both promises were - and still are - perfectly and simultaneously kept. Join us for another message from this series, “David, a Type of Christ.”

Posted: April 09, 2016

The fundamental problem of human history has always been the same - it was the same for Adam and Eve in the garden as it was for King David on his return to the palace in Jerusalem. Join us this week on No Falling Word, when Liam Goligher will pose the question, “who will bring back the king?”

Posted: April 02, 2016

What happens when your beloved son is also your political nemesis? Based on David’s reaction to Absalom’s death, we find that mixed emotions are certainly involved! On this week’s broadcast of No Falling Word, we’ll hear the regrets of David’s lifetime, summed up in his simple cry of grief, “my son!”

Posted: March 26, 2016

In a political climate of rebellion and apostasy, Absalom carefully choreographed his rise to power in Israel. But in a swift moment of humiliation, the popular, celebrity leader was found helpless to defend his new throne. This week on No Falling Word, we’ll find out what strange event brought about Absalom’s end.

Posted: March 19, 2016

God often works through ordinary, natural means to accomplish his extraordinary, eternal ends. The accounts of Second Samuel prove that he even uses the counsel of the wicked to fulfill his own purposes. This week on No Falling Word, Dr. Goligher will offer a unique view of history - one that you’ve probably never heard in school!

Posted: March 13, 2016

When David is run out of Jerusalem on account of Absalom’s treasonous rise to power, the ousted king is met by some unsavory characters. This week on No Falling Word, we’ll discover how God, in his creative sovereignty, uses David’s enemies to provide him with basic necessities and remind him of important truths.

Posted: March 06, 2016

From Genesis’ serpent to Revelation’s dragon, the Bible is full of vivid descriptions of Satan’s work in this world. This week on No Falling Word, we’ll discover that David is a type of Christ, Absalom is the first antichrist, and the conflict between the two is a foreshadowing of Jesus’ walk to Calvary.